Waiting 4 Wrath is the beer drinking skeptical podcast you didn’t know you were waiting for!

Welcome to the show! We’re not experts and we make no claims or promises — so, let’s have a discussion, revel in the beer data and, because this is an entertainment show, have a laugh or two.

Waiting 4 Wrath is rated R, for Really, Really, NSFW! Listener discretion is strongly advised!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis because, while Peristalsis hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

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Shea is my spirit animal

April 24, 2017 by Recovering Catholic. from United States

Take 2 because I don’t think this came through before. I love this show. I went through the backlog of this show faster then any show before. As a lover of beer I love the beer reviews, just can’t always find them in NJ. As an atheist I enjoy the mockery of religion. The only downside now is I have to wait until Friday now to listen to an episode. Which makes feeding my herd that much better at the end of the day. The last thing I will say is, without a doubt, Shea is my spirit animal. So keep testing that god hypothesis.

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What’s Going On Here Anyway!?

The Show

Waiting 4 Wrath came about after Aaron spent hours listening to other shows like Cognitive Dissonance, Thank God I’m Atheist and the Scathing Atheist… and then hours bothering the people he knew about it. Once he ran out of door-to-door missionaries to yell at it was clear another solution needed to be found and, after enjoying one too many beers, Shea agreed to shout into the void too and a podcast was born.

Eventually, Steve came on board and unfucked the audio situation. Followed shortly by Jenn who brought the funny and some much-needed perspective. Finally, with four hosts the logo made sense and we were ready to pollute the internet our unique brand of drunken secular humor.

The rest is, as they say, is history. Sweary, dick-joke filled history. So listen to an episode why don’t you!

The Hosts

Waiting 4 Wrath is hosted by Aaron, Jenn, Shea & Steve. And, when we’re lucky, the studio is graced by extra-fab guest host Big Gay Jim. We also have a studio dog, Fletcher, but he doesn’t talk much.



Aaron is a frustrated humanist whose friends & family finally got tired of him bitching about religion. So, start a podcast… right? Foodie, brewer, geek and all around tinker..er… Aaron’s the angry one.


A color blind woodworker and singer Shea even sang for the Pope once! And because anything worn in the presence of the Pope is auto-blessed, praise his holy boxers and listen up, cause he’s the funny one.


Someone has to be the reasonable one — at Wrathful Studios it’s Steve. Family man, preacher’s kid and computer tech, Steve’s our voice of reason and mostly-real information. He’s the Spock one.


Hailing from the balmy swamplands of South Georgia, Jenn hopes to bring a sassy, yet lady-like, vibe to all things offensive and godless. She’s the one who keeps this train on the tracks!

Let's Have a Beer!

Each week we try a new beer and give it a quick review to get the show going… then we have a few more just to be sure.

If you’d like to drink along with us we announce the next week’s beer at the end of each show, in the show notes, and here on the site. If you want to check out our past reviews, tell us about a beer or grab a recommended beer for your next barbecue you’ll find all of our notes on the Beers page.

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Then you should visit Patreon.com/W4W right now and donate as little as a dollar per show! You’ll get longer cuts of each week’s show and more outtakes, but best of all, you’ll have access to our free second show 4 More Beers!

Each episode of 4 More Beers announces the beers for the next four episodes of Waiting 4 Wrath — it’s apply named like that. We also drink a beer, tell a story, restore everyone’s faith in beer, and include patron only behind-the-scenes discussions, outtakes, and silliness. All of that and each episode of 4 More Beers is free! That’s right, we don’t even charge you for the extra show!

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