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As far as silly, drunken, digressive podcasts go, we’re pretty lucky…
Aww hell, we’re pretty lucky as far as any podcast goes!

Waiting 4 Wrath has made so many friends in our short span that it’s hard not to give a nod to !Xu — but don’t worry, the only folks we’re grateful to are you! We have incredibly generous listeners who help fund the show, send us amazing beers, recommend breweries and a few who are truly great brewers themselves. It has been our outstanding honor to host, and be hosted by, some of secular podcasting’s friendliest members. We’ve had incredible authors, activists, and artists on our show and we are continually humbled by their knowledge, kindness and willingness to give us a bit of their time so we can get drunk and tell immature jokes.

So to all the people who listen, support, contribute and generally make secular podcasting the incredible experience it is. We thank you all. We consider it a challenge before the whole human race — and we ain’t gonna lose!

Now join us in raising a glass to all the wonderful people who have made our show possible! Cheers!

Patrons & Donors

Thank you all!

Your generous donations help us cover the costs of running the show and of course, buy more beer! Each show we review a brew and that can get pretty expensive pretty quickly! Especially since we love you too much to review PBR each week. Add onto all of that our push to get to ReasonCon this year and what you wind up with is a shallowly conceived, often slurred, NPR-style begathon. Lucky for us, you all kick so much ass!

In addition to the longer shows, unique content and often earlier release date, patrons who have joined the Wrathful Beer Club can submit reviews of each weeks beer to be read on air. Member scores are listed with our own in the show notes and on the beers page. Which is cool and all, but the real perk is being acknowledged as a major contributor here on our friends of the show page. We couldn’t do it without your continued support, and so, without further ado, our Wrathful Beer Club Members:

  • Connector.


    Steve’s special fan, future psychologist, atheist, humanist, mental health advocate & all around badass!

  • Connector.

    Kyle the Napkin Pope

    Earthly emissary of the Divine Napkin, the one true God, practicing penguin plower, and savior of serviettes.

  • Connector.


    Proud father of Dresden. Loving husband. Special Education Teacher. Atheist living in D.C. Who rocks the Kasbah? Denny does. Deal with it.

These fine folks have made a commitment to the embetterment of secular podcasting everywhere... but mostly here... by

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Guests & Contributors

Speaking of people who have helped make our show what it is today, we would be derelict in our hosting duties if we didn’t include a listing of those who have been generous enough to come on the show and put up with our bullshit. We’ve been fortunate to have other skeptical personalities, authors, artists and activists.

As we approach our 100th episode it warrants a look back at how we got this far. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly blind luck.

Shelley Segal

Musician, activist and generally awesome person! She even played a set for us at the studio!

Shelley Segal

Shelley joined us in the studio for episode 53! She was even generous — or crazy — enough to come back for episode 120! We've recorded a few of her songs in the studio, including a special song for our "cheeky show" about internet porn! Check out Patreon to hear all her songs for $1!

Like what you hear? Find all her songs at ShelleySegal.com.

Cognitive Dissonance

Credulity is not a virtue and there is no welcome mat.

Tom & Cecil


That's right! Atheist podcasting's foremost power couple Tom & Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance joined us for episode 77!

Laughs, tears and making Shea do the dishes this episode has it all!

Atheist Avengers!

Avengers Amass!

Robert & Amy

What? I hear that other slogan has some lawyers behind it...

Agent Wyatt Mathers handles the cases Coulson can't on episode 84 with co-host Major MacGuffin! Never has there been such a team up as the Atheist Avengers!

Atheism 101

Your introduction to atheism and secularism. Also, they do their fucking research!

With Matt & Tim

Matt & Tim are amazing guides to the world of skepticism — and the world of secular podcasting! You can find Tim's first spot on Episode 33 and Matt's first appearance on 44. Then on episode 91 the guys hijacked our show and tried to teach us some stuff.. despite our drunkenness. We released the Patreon cut publicly, enjoy! Matt & Tim joined us again for episode 101 because we're clever like that.
Most recently we tricked Matt into appearing, apropos of nothing, for our Furry Nazi talk. He was flabbergasted.

The Gaytheist Manifesto

Discussing the intersection of LGBT rights & atheism.

Callie Wright

Callie ,@GaytheistCallie, holds the ... let's call it honor of being the first pod-host to stoop to being on our show in episode 22! She's also the host of an amazing show that will challenge and reward as she traverses issues LGBTQ and humanist alike. We can't recommend The Gaytheist Manifesto enough!

Hear The Manifesto!

Atheist Nomands

Not all those who wander are lost... but most of the folks who joins us are.

Dustin Williams

Dustin joined us on episode 51 to talk about the effects of growing up ultra-religious as a Seventh-day Adventist... spoiler alert, it wasn't very... advantageous.


Seriously though, wander over to Atheist Nomads if you want more of Dustin and his crew.

In The Name
of God

By friend, apostle, and raining beer donor, Mathew.

Mathew The Apostile

Mathew the Apostile, found at @CrimesForGod, is a long time friend of and contributor to our show. Mathew currently holds the W4W record for most beer donations! Find him on episode 28 and episode 34. His amazing beers are on the holiday specials, episode 59 and 60!

Utah Outcasts

A weekly conversation about atheism in Utah, beer and other fun shit!


Xstepher is a bad ass in the Utah atheist area and was kind enough to join us for a laugh and a beer on episode 49.
You should probably be listening to the Utah Outcasts.

Andrew L. Seidel

Activist, author, photographer and FFRF Lawyer.

Andrew L. Seidel

Andrew Seidel joined us on episode 85 to talk about his book and being a constitutional and civil rights attorney, activist and sometimes photographer for the FFRF.
Find out more about Andrew at AndrewLSeidel.com.

Literally, A Podcast

Great writing & guilty pleasures

Scott & Crystal

They're well read, witty and the best kind of nerds!.. Frankly, we're still wondering why they joined us on episode 69 or why Christal came back on episode 106 but we're glad they did!

Check out Literally, A Podcast and cosy up to some great diction...

Secular Yakking

Husband and wife team, Robert & Amy yak about stuff!

Robert & Amy

Robert joined us for episode 73 to yak about the news, brews and the Original Motto Project.

Check out SecularYakking.com to hear their great take on the days events!

Thank god I'm atheist

With Frank and Dan!


Frank, Dan and sometimes Mark host the excellent and friendly show thank god I'm athest. One of the shows that inspired our own show it was an honor to host Dan on episode 67!

Listen, enjoy and send your friends to them! TGIA is probably the best "share being an atheist" show out there.

Chris Matheson

Author of "The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy about Love (and Hate)"

Scott & Crystal

Every once in a while we're lucky enough to get a person whose actually done a real thing... Like writing a book!
Author, screen writer and general badass joined us on Episode 62 to talk about his upcoming comedy - the Bible from God's mostly first person view! It's hi-fucking-larious and available now!

Paul Sating

Creator of Atheist Apocalypse and a bunch of other great content!

Paul Sating

Paul does a lot of podcasting... Like, a lot, a lot! He's up to two or three shows now but still found time to have a beer with us on Episode 64

Check out Atheist Apocalypse, you might just hear a familiar voice!

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Atheism 101

Your introduction atheism and secularism. Also, they do their fucking research!

Matt & Tim

Matt and Tim joined us for a few shows, then had the poor judgment to let us be on their show too!

Get Informed!


An interview YouTube show with leaders in the secular community ... and us!

Zach Law

Zach thought it would be a good idea to interview Steve & Aaron... also we forgot to mention Jenn. She's awesome

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Beyond The Trailerpark

Beth and Heretic Woman talk about all manner of subjects from an atheist perspective.
Broadcast live on YouTube

Beth & Heretic Woman

Beth and Heretic Woman talk about all manner of subjects and somehow thought it was a good idea to have all of us on with them!

Visit the Park!

Utah Outcasts

A weekly conversation about atheism in Utah, beer and other fun shit!


Xstepher is a bad ass in the Utah atheist area and was kind enough to join us for a laugh and a beer on episode 49.

Be An Outcast

No Religion Required

A Podcast For The World Wide Secular Community

Bobby C & Miss Ashley

Proving that they are, in fact, the kindest folks in Atheist podcasting the hosts of NRR put up with our bullshit on their show for nearly 2 hours! Check it out.

Be An Outcast

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