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At Waiting 4 Wrath we drink a lot of beer — so it takes a lot of friends to do the job!

We’re lucky to have put together a great crew of slurred, smart, silly, sage and sassy hosts. Aaron, Jenn, Shea & Steve — and when we’re lucky the show is graced by special, extra-fab host Big Gay Jim! By our powers combined we are Wrathful Studios… Or, at least that’s what we call Shea’s garage now.

Wrathful Studios

Wrathful Studios

The finest studio you can rent from a high school band!

Before we get to the hosts, we should take a quick tour of the studio where the ... let's say "magic" happens ... Wrathful Studios!

When the show began Aaron & Shea recorded some truly poor audio in his living room with a simple Blue Yeti centered on his displaced kitchen table. It was less than ideal.

Shortly thereafter Steve joined the show and thus began our ongoing mission to boldly improve the sound quality to  levels no podcast has reached before. Qapla'

If you're interested in the technical details head over to our About The Show page and we have a pretty good rundown of how things are done. As for the studio, it's in Shea's garage at the moment. The hosts usually gather for beers Sunday afternoon or, in a pinch, Monday evening to record. The fridge keeps our beer donations frosty while we grab a bite and discuss the show. Or more accurately, everyone shoves food into their mouths as quickly as possible while Aaron frantically writes the boilerplate.

More often than not the Patrons, being the outstanding people they are, buy us some Little Ceaser's pizza or a few tacos but every once in a while we get lucky and someone cooks!

Once the hosts are satiated and properly plied with whatever came in as the weeks drink'n beer, we gather around the big round...tangular table and do a show! It's our warm — when Shea remembers to turn the heaters or fans on — beer-filled home away from home and it wouldn't be possible without listeners like you!


Aaron was a frustrated humanist whose friends & family finally got tired of him bitching about religion and bullshit it causes so, like most frustrated 30-somethings, he started spewing nonsense into the internet.

Fast forward a few years and silly dick jokes turned into cross country conference trips, an international listenership, and best of all, our ability to raise money for great causes like WyoAIDS

When not recording, editing or generally futzing with the show Aaron’s a foodie and a nerd.

Going forward, again inspired by a favorite show, Skeptics with a K, Aaron is going to give the skeptical podcaster thing a try more. And now that the site’s upgrades have been completed there might just be some food blogging going on. Keep an eye out!

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Hailing from the balmy swamplands of South Georgia, Jenn hopes to bring a sassy, yet lady-like, vibe to all things offensive and godless. She’s the one who keeps this train on the tracks!

With a background in comedy, world travels, and competitive Bibleing Jenn is the host who most often handles the serious discussions, educational segments, and any guest appearances that require actual knowing of things. Like her fantastic episode on Native American Totems, available now on Atheism 101!

As if all that weren’t enough, Jenn does most of the socials, so if you’re communicating with the show — and actual communication is happening you’re talking to Jenn.

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Big Gay Jim fills in as designated yakker when someone’s gone due to listener feedback deprivation. His drag queen alter-ego Marti Gras usually shows up too, so it’s like two hosts for donation price of one!

Jim is our resident representative of the Rainbowlific Plains and a member of the board of Wyoming AIDS Association — a 501c3 recognized non-profit that seeks to help those living with HIV/AIDS in Wyoming. It’s a charity that W4W is proud to support in whatever way we can and all of us at Wrathful studios would be honored if you could help us spread the word, make a donation, or support us in person at the annual Drag Queen Bingo fund raiser event! It’s a great time for a great cause.

Check out shows featuring Jim below and if you want more Jim, remember, #itsgoodtobeapatron!

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A color blind woodworker and singer Shea even sang for the Pope once! And because anything worn in the presence of the Pope is auto-blessed, praise his holy boxers and listen up, cause he’s the funny one.

Shea also hosts the show each week and keeps us in mostly clean mugs. Between recordings you’re likely to find Shea at a brewery getting to know the brewers or in his wood working shop trying not to cut a finger off. If you’ve received a gift from the show, it was likely made by Shea!

Best known for his comprehensive reporting and epic quizmaster skills Shea brings the silly each week. He’s also our official good will ambassador Yeti! Because there are no strangers in Shea’s world, just people he hasn’t gotten drunk with yet.

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Someone has to be the reasonable one — at Wrathful Studios it’s Steve.

Life experience and a Spock-like demeanor mean that Steve has no time for your bullshit. Growing up a preacher’s kid he’s well versed in the Bible. And also he’s done with it’s bullshit. all of which usually makes for informed input and pointed humor. Steve’s also the resident family man so he usually handles all those awkward kin-related topics.

But, mostly Steve’s done with bullshit.

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In Studio Friends

We’re also lucky to have a fantastic collection of in-studio guests from time to time. The list below is far from complete but


Ok, so it's not really Vice 1331 — but it's got the right idea!

You know, ’cause she’s all smoke’n and stuff!

Ashley has bought a lot of beer for the show… and far too frequently given the hosts a ride home after. She’s basically the best. Also she organizes our beer database and makes the cat video lists in each weeks show notes.

Vice 1331

Ok, so it's not really Vice 1331 — but it's got the right idea!

Ok… so that’s not really him. That’s clearly from The Oatmeal. But it captures his essence so well…

Find Vice’s contributions to the show when he bought us fire-pain beer in Episode 32 and when he joined us in Episode 34. Pleasantly, he didn’t bring shitty pain beer to Episode 139 when we tried the fucking Clamato, but he did join us in a “heatless” chili beer on Episode 8 of 4 More Beers, our patreon only show.

Studio Dogs

Ok, so it's not really Vice 1331 — but it's got the right idea!

There are more and we’ll add pictures soon… as soon as the rest of the team gets them to Aaron :P

They can be heard throughout the show.