Episode 13 – Battlefield Bakery

In today’s show Idaho’s gay mormons invite Frances shape shifting Jew to a lemon-cake party discuss global warming’s effect on the Tea Party’s push to legalize necrophilia.

This Week’s Beer:

Mojo IPA – Boulder Beer / Wilderness Pub

Beer DB: www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/130/12322/

  • BA Rating:   85/100

  • Net Rating:   81/100

  • Reviews: 756

  • rAvg:   3.78

  • pDev:   12.43%

  • Style:   American IPA

  • ABV:   7.20%

This Week’s Stories:

Second Half Discussion:

  • Jen’s cake ware! Yumm… cake…

Next Week’s Beer:

Fordham Rosie Parks – Oyster Stout

Beer DB: www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/4067/87252/

  • BA Rating:   81/100

  • Net Rating:   ;)

  • Reviews:   56

  • rAvg:   3.52

  • pDev:   13.92%

  • Style:   English Stout

  • ABV:   5.20% ABV

Faith In Humanity Restored:

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Coffee around the world – Evolution in 60 seconds