Episode 17 – The one with the incorrect mashup that I worked on too long not to use.

In today’s show naturopaths at CPAC announce the release of a Satan-backed organic gyno-cam abortion pill that allows Christian homeschoolers to cure their centaur-daughter of ovarian cancer fungus with 50 shades of boiling oil just in time for her arranged marriage.

This Week’s Beer:

Blue Moon Rounder Belgian-Style Pale – Coors Brewing Company

BA Rating: 72 / 100

Reviews: 83

ABV: 5.60%

This Week’s Stories:

(& a few that didn’t make the cut)

Followup: LGBT anti-discrimination bill fails in Wyoming House

Senate File 115 failed — 33 opposing, 26 supporting. Equality State my ass.

Addicting Info – Christian Homeschoolers Sell Daughter Into Arranged Marriage, Offer Discount Because She’s ‘Damaged’

Right-Wing Pastor: Satan Behind Evolution (audio)


Idaho Republican asks if a woman can swallow a camera for gynecological exam

Nevada Republican says cancer is a fungus you can flush out with salt water

Georgia Republican: Outlaw man-made centaurs, but leave the real ones alone

Atheist Jamila Bey tells CPAC it needs to embrace secular voters — and gets the golf clap

Patty Break: Pat Robertson: Women fuel sex trafficking by fantasizing about ‘boiling oil’ in ‘50 Shades’

Florida Naturopath Who Treated 11-Year-Old Makayla Sault Charged with Practicing Medicine Without a License

Next Week’s Beer

Beer DB: Beer Camp: Hoppy Lager (2015) – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

BA Rating: 88 / 100

Reviews: 233

Style: American Double / Imperial Pilsner

ABV: 7.00% ABV

Faith In Humanity Restored:

TU Delft’s ambulance drone drastically increases chances of survival of cardiac arrest patients

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