Episode 26 – The One Where The Guys Learn About Grinder

In this weeks show, episode 26, the Duggar’s flee Missouri 72 hours before Bible burning Satanists forced the SCUTOS to support anti-christian gay-bortion factories.

This Week’s Beer: Snapperhead IPA – Butternuts Beer & Ale

Beer DB: www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/13302/34968/

  • ABV: 6.80% ABV

  • Matthew: 4

  • Aaron: 3

  • Jenn: 2

  • Shea: 4

  • Steve: 2


This Week’s Stories:


(Shea) Anti-Gay GOP penis on Grinder

(Jenn) to address the historic SCOTUS deliberations on same sex marriage, let’s here from this expert

(Aaron) Missouri Satanist: 72-hour waiting period for abortions violates my ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’

(Steve) Americans don’t like ‘big government’ — just big government programs: poll

bit.ly/1GLyNIZ bit.ly/1JVIz8T

(Aaron) After Stopping Bible Giveaway, Atheist Mom Says Threats Have Forced Her to Pull Son Out of School

(Shea) Josh Duggar: Christians who aren’t allowed to discriminate against gays are victims of discrimination

Also mormons now accept online tithing…

Next Week’s Beer: Shiner Birthday Beer Chocolate Stout – Spoetzl Brewery / Shiner

Beer DB: www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/143/144286/

Faith In Humanity Restored:

A Straight Guy Asked His Gay Friend To Prom And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever


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